Safety and Security

Guatemala tends to be a very safe tourist destination for anglers. The coastal town – Iztapa – in which we are based has basically nothing but petty theft between the locals. Many wealthy Guatemalans have their weekend getaway homes in our area, adding another layer of safety and security in our neighborhood.

During the last 10 years, no crime has been reported at the Resort nor around the close surrounding affluent community. Whatever you read about Guatemala on other websites basically describes non-tourist areas, not our paradise on the Pacific Coast.

The International Airport in Guatemala City is the newest and most modern in Central America, surpassing by far all your previous expectations for this part of the world. From there we drive you comfortably on a four lane toll-highway, with local police and traffic controlled supervision throughout its 65 miles, on to Iztapa and Pacific Fins on the coast.

Our Resort has a very solid relationship with the local private hospital to ensure that any emergency can be covered immediately. We also have contracts with the local representative for Medivac and can get a helicopter to land next to the Resort if needed.