Results In – The 1st Groups of Our Marlin Guarantee!

Won One, Lost One

We had 2 groups fishing last week to “kick-off” our Marlin Guarantee Promo, August – October 2015 (with several more groups scheduled to arrive). RESULTS below!

The Marlin Guarantee is a “gamble” by our Lodge where we assure in 3 days of fishing you will get at least 3 Marlin Bites in the months of August, Sept and Oct if you join us.

And if you don’t:

50% of the value of your trip will be put towards a future trip with us (and it is transferrable).

100% trip value! Your party comes back for a FREE 3 days fishing, 4 night trip at your choosing.

In addition to catching sailfish and dorado:

1. Nick Lowe and his fishing buddy Dan raised 4 marlin, had 3 bites and released 2 Blue marlin on their stay with us. Even-Steven on this one!

2. David Barnes, Glen Chaves, Richard Sultenfuss and Niel McTague also fished with us. They raised 3 marlin, had 2 bites and released 0. These clients are now coming back at 50% of their cost in March or April of 2016. David said, “Enjoyed the trip – Lodge, staff, captains, all top notch.”

We believe strongly that August, September and October ARE 3 of the best months in Guatemala forMARLIN. And we feel strongly enough to guarantee it!

Will you join us this year for the promo?

Honestly, what do you have to lose?