General Policies



A deposit of 50% of the total price of the trip (excluding airfare) is due within 10 days of the date of reservation. Any reservation not under deposit at the end of 10 days will not be considered confirmed and may be canceled if any other party requests a part or all of the same period. Deposits are refundable upon receipt of written notice of cancellation prior to 90 days of the intended date of travel, less a cancellation fee of $300 per person. Deposits are forfeited for cancellation received within 90 days of the scheduled departure date. Balances are due 60 days in advance of the departure date and are thence subject to the terms, conditions and policies of Pacific Fins Resort & Marina. No refunds will be made in the event of a no-show.

Any reservation received within 60 days of the date of departure must be paid in full within 10 days of the date of booking and is subject to the terms, conditions and policies of Pacific Fins Resort & Marina. No refunds will be made in the event of a no-show.

Any and all modifications made by the client to the originally requested and thus scheduled itinerary may incur additional cost(s), which will be assessed and billed accordingly to the customer.


The weather and the sea conditions in Guatemala are notoriously calm. It is rare to have to cancel a day of fishing due to weather. Your safety is our primary concern and any such cancellation is at the sole discretion of the charter boat’s Captain. Should the Captain cancel due weather, you will receive a refund, based upon that boat’s full day charter fee. If the Captain decides that the weather and sea conditions are suitable and safe for fishing no refund will be issued for any guest that chooses to stay on shore.

The fleet in Guatemala is comprised of modern, well maintained sportfish boats. Cancellations due to mechanical problems are rare. Should a mechanical problem arise, we will make every effort to arrange for a substitute boat. If we are unable to make such arrangements you will receive a refund, based upon that boat’s full day charter fee.


The boat Captains that are listed on our web site are the primary Captains within our fleet. While our Captains are some of the best and most professional Captains in the world, they are still human. They typically fish 120 to 150 days a year and often work as much as 30 straight days without a day off. Occasionally, due to illness or the need for an occasional day of rest, we will substitute Captains for a given vessel. We are fortunate to have many fine Captains “in the wings” and most of our First Mates themselves are also accomplished Captains with many years of experience. Also, like any business, from time to time we do have changes due to promotions or occasionally, employee turnover. These situations may also require a change of captains on certain vessels. Again, the substitution or change of Captains does not happen very often, but we do reserve the right make crew substitutions and changes when necessary.


All credit cards are accepted

Wire transfers and cheques are also accepted

All expenses you should have during your stay at Pacific Fins will be charged at the end of your trip. You can pay them eitheir in cash or using your credit card.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended to protect your investment. – See below for more information.


Travel insurance is recommended in the event of a family emergency, an act of God, or any other unforeseen situation that would require you to cancel your trip. We can arrange your travel insurance through Travelex if you desire. If you need additional information on travel insurance, you can visit the Travelex Website or you may call Travelex at 800-228-9792.


Pacific Fins Resort is not responsible for any complications that may arise due to last minute booking or changes in itinerary (airline, transfers, hotels, etc.), however we will do our best to assist you the best way we can, if you let us know.


If your decide to tour the vincinity, we will gladly recommend the best alternative to do so. If you choose to leave the hotel property by yourself, Pacific Fins will not be held responsible for any unfortunate incident that might occur.