Why Pacific Fins

Great Fishing
Fishing in Guatemala is rated by Saltwater Sportsman Magazine as the first choice for Pacific sailfish – almost every month of the year!  No destination has more sailfish than Guatemala with less fishing pressure…year round.  Guatemala is the best bluewater fishery on the planet and the surest place on the globe to target sailfish on fly rods.  In addition to our prolific sailfishing we raise and release marlin each month of the year, and have immense populations of dorado, Yellowfin tuna, roosterfish and other inshore species.

Travel Time
Guatemala is much easier to get to than Costa Rica or Panama for bluewater action.  Fishing trips to both of these countries often require an overnight stay in San Jose or Panama City and extended travel time.  Our anglers are successful and busy people.  So in today’s world of maximizing travel and fishing time there is no better place than Guatemala.

Our beautiful resort is located right on the water.  Clients stay in one of our 4 villas or 2 suite rooms.  It is the ideal environment to rest and relax after a productive day of fishing.  In addition, our resort provides the right atmosphere for non-fishing spouses.  No other program in Guatemala can compare to the setting our clients rise with each morning and go to bed with each night.

Publicity & Accolades
Both Guatemala’s fishery as well as Pacific Fins’ specific articles have been written and documented on all major magazines, stating what we all know by now:  that Guatemala has the best sailfish fishery around… Please read some of the articles that we share with you:

We Perform!
Pacific Fins has extremely high repeat business each year.  Our clients return year in and year out.  If you know the dates you desire it is best to call us early as opposed to “rolling the dice”.

Our crews are among the most experienced in Guatemala and experts at both conventional and fly fishing.

We have completed our dredging project in the canal.  We are pleased to announce we are 100% Boat In, Boat Out at Pacific Fins.  All of our boats are docked at our own marina.  You eat breakfast – you walk 10 ft and jump on your boat.  At the end of the day – you jump off your boat and we will have your drink waiting for you steps away.  No more hopping into vans and driving over to Pez Vela Marina like other operators.

Honest Reporting
We report every single day we fish!  We report when our clients release 50 sailfish a day or release 2 sailfish a day.  Our fishing reports are posted on our website.  Please visit our fishing report to plan your visit at:

Fishing Report


Service is in everything we do.  Our staff is highly trained to assist you.  We make you feel part of The Pacific Fins family.  With an incredibly high repeat clientele we know we take care of our clients.

You will pay far less per sailfish raised and released than anywhere in the world because our fishing is so prolific.

We have 24-hour security personnel allowing clients to enjoy a comfortable and safe location.

A Fishing Resort Owned
by Experienced Anglers

We fish…..we fish a lot.  We know how to deliver the ultimate fishing experience for our clients.  The Managing Partner of Pacific Fins is at the Resort full-time and runs all the ground operations.