Just What the Doctor Ordered

JWOAs a physician I always try to order the right thing for my patients. This time I self prescribed an outstanding fishing trip to Guatemala. I have been fishing aggressively in the ocean for thirty years. I used to tournament bill fish in Hawaii and placed fourth in the Maui Halloween tournament. Fifteen years ago I started fly fishing for tarpon, bill fish and salmon. I have fished extensively in Costa Rica during the last six years.

Sportif Balikçilik

sicakSicak av

YAZI VE FOTOĞRAFLAR: elvio penneTTi-ıGfa Türkiye
Türkiye’nin beş profesyonel sporTif balıkçısı şubaT ayında pasifik okyanusu’nun sıcak sularında, ‘büyük balığın’ peşindeydi. bir hafTa boyunca GuaTamela’dan okyanusa açılan balıkçılarımız Türkiye’ye berekeTli anılarla döndü.

Come Sail Away

ComeSailAwayThe list is long why Guatemala is fast becoming the sailfish capital of the world.

Story and photos by Chris Shaffer
“What are you doing? Put the camera down. We have a triple. Take this rod,” Erichsen, owner of Guatemala’s Pacific Fins Resort, yelled as three sailfish went airborne simultaneously. “You can take pictures of more sails later. Grab this. Let’s get a triple.”

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