Getting There

International flights into Guatemala City can be arranged from most major cities in the U.S. It is only a 2 hour flight from Miami and 2 hours and 30 minutes from Houston. Many U.S. hubs offer non-stop flights. Most parties arrive the afternoon prior to their first day of fishing.  American passports holders do not require a visa to enter Guatemala. Most other passport holders do not require a visa either, but you should check your individual requirements before leaving.

Once you arrive in Guatemala City, you will be met by a Pacific Fins chauffeur. You will then drive 60 miles south to Iztapa in the comfort of our air conditioned van. Cold beer and sodas will be provided for your beautiful 1 hour and 15 minute drive on a modern four lane expressway. Along the way, you will see beautiful farms, forests and active volcanoes (safely in the distance!).

Iztapa, the home of Pacific Fins Resort, is a farming and port town of 10,000. Many affluent Guatemalans enjoy the beauty and charm of the area and have waterfront vacation homes in the area.

Most parties have an early morning departure following their final day of fishing and choose to spend their last night in Guatemala City. There are several premium hotels to choose from, and many fine dining restaurants nearby. Our staff will be more than happy to make dining recommendations and reservations for you.