Pacific Fins Resort & Marina is Guatemala Fishing at its best. We are located in the world's most productive sailfishery and operate one of the finest Big Game, bluewater fishing programs on the planet. We offer all-inclusive fishing packages for Guatemala Sport Fishing, sailfishing and marlin fishing trips.

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The Turks Slam The Sails Again!

Murat Iyriboz and his crew from Turkey slammed the sailfish again this year.  Fishing on Gypsy, Canaso 2 and Sirena they raised 287 sailfish, had 242 bites and released 160. They also raised 2 marlin, had 2 bites and released 1 Black at 300 lbs! They lost count on all the dorado they caught as well.


EPIC Trip - Clients Break Our Fly Fishing Record!

Congratulations are in order! Dr. Lee Smith and Dan Walden broke our Fly Fishing Record! On Saturday, Jan 3 they raised 49 sailfish, had 25 bites and released 21 on Fly aboard Maverick!! That eclipsed the previous mark set on Feb 7, 2004. All fish were cast to, fought, landed and released.

On Friday they released 12 on fly, Sunday 16 on fly and Monday 17! Good job guys. Wow!


Dec 2014 - Guatemala Fishing Report

Father/Son team of Eric & Brett Knellinger returned for 2nd year in a row over Christmas. Also joining them this year are Heidi Roschke and Billy Bennet. Fishing 4 days on Maverick they raised 38 sailfish, had 36 bites and released 31.

Father/Son team of Kris and Kash arrived for 3 days fishing on Gypsy. They raised 20 sailfish, had 16 bites and released 11. They also raised another 2 sailfish on fly, with 2 bites and 1 release on fly. 2 dorado were also nailed on fly as well.


Fishing in Guatemala, the sailfish capital of the world

If calm waters and multiple shots at Pacific sailfish every day excite you, then Guatemala’s Pacific coast is your fishing paradise. Experienced anglers rate Guatemala sportfishing as the best in the world because it is known as the “hot spot” for large numbers of Pacific sailfish.  And when it comes to sailfishing our fleet averages an incredible 15 to 20 bites a day.  Marlin in the 300 to 600 pound class have been caught regularly in our waters and in recent years it is not uncommon to see our outstanding captains and crews raise multiple marlin in a single day.  Yellowfin tuna and dorado (Mahi-Mahi) are also abundant.  We offer All-Inclusive fishing packages for Guatemala sailfishing and marlin fishing trips.  Guatemala fishing is far superior to other options in Central America.  Guatemala is very easy to get to and requires no extra night in the main city upon arrival like Costa Rica or Panama.  Once you arrive at the Resort you immediately discover the quality of Pacific Fins’ accommodations, charter boats and crews.  They are the best in Central America!

Over the last several years more and more experienced anglers who had previously frequented Costa Rica and Panama are now making Guatemala their primary fishing destination.  Our Guatemala fishing packages make it easier and more affordable than ever to make your sportfishing adventure dream a reality.  Come for the adventure of a lifetime!  See for yourself why well over 80% of our guests are repeat clients year in and year out.  Pacific Fins has the newest, most luxurious and best maintained fleet in the area and our Guatemalan captains are hands down the best and most experienced in the business.

Our Captains and mates come from generations of local fishermen and they know these waters like the backs of their hands.  If you are searching for a top-tier fly fishing resort, then look no further.  We cater to both experienced anglers as well as beginner fly anglers.  Nowhere else in the world will you get as many shots each day on the fly as on Guatemala’s Pacific coast.  It is the surest place on the globe today.
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